Navigating our sustainability report

Neo’s Responsible Value Creation Philosophy

Neo’s long-term value creation equation consists of four main variables:

A corporate culture founded on a deep sense of responsibility and empathy

A diverse talent pool with a common denominator of the pursuit of excellence

A growth ambition guided by strong governance standards

An operating model defined by customer service and technology excellence

Neo’s corporate brand and reputation are underpinned by our ability to consistently deliver the world’s most advanced rare-earth and rare metal materials.

Our success is predicated upon our customers and suppliers placing substantial trust in our people that we will deliver consistent, high-quality products, and that we operate with superior corporate responsibility. We view each commercial relationship as a long-term partnership, investing thoughtful due diligence in our suppliers and significant Research and Development in our customers. Neo’s commitment to continuously advancing our supply chain operating performance standards is the glue of trust between us and our stakeholders.