About us

Corporate Organization

Neo operates through three business units:

Magnequench (MQ)

Produces rare-earth permanent magnetic powders used in magnets for electric motors, precision motors, and sensors. These energy-saving magnets are critical for producing the most efficient motors in many common applications required for the net-zero transition including EVs, Offshore Wind Turbines, and Heat Circulation Pumps.

Chemicals & Oxides (C&O)
Manufactures and distributes a range of advanced industrial materials used in environmental emissions catalysts, permanent magnetics, consumer electronics, chemical catalysts, medical devices, and water treatment.

Rare Metals (RM)

Sources, recycles, produces, refines, and markets specialty metals and their compounds, including those for refractory superalloys in jet engines, medical imaging, wireless technologies, and others.


Proven Commitment to Transparency

Neo is publicly traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol TSX:NEO (or NEO.TO). We understand the value of transparency, which is a hallmark of operating as a public company.

Our Corporate Mission

We process and develop advanced materials that are critical in fast forwarding our world’s transition to greener, smarter technologies that help facilitate the global transition to a lower carbon future. Our Corporate Vision seeks to produce advanced materials that meet our customers’ needs, and which enable technologies to accelerate the world’s transition to a more decarbonized economy