Navigating our sustainability report

Neo’s Sustainability Vision

Neo’s Corporate Vision envisions a world that has achieved significant decarbonization across major industrial and mobility sectors. Through a history of innovative research and development, Neo has uncovered numerous technologies that contribute to enhanced energy efficiency, reduced dependence on fossil fuels, minimized carbon-intensive processes, and improved air and water quality.

Recognizing the urgency of driving innovation and fostering the adoption of climate-friendly products, Neo emphasizes that the methods employed in producing these products and managing business operations are as important as the products themselves.

To showcase leadership in the critical materials industry, the company is committed to promoting responsible supply chains and advancing material science. By adhering to disciplined practices, policies, and procedures, Neo aims to set new benchmarks in the sector.

A robust foundation through ESG Reporting is essential to support these efforts. From the outset, Neo has integrated ESG considerations into every aspect of its business and has implemented continuous improvement processes. This report represents the 2nd annual publication of consolidated ESG-related material topics, which have expanded in scope as more resources have been allocated to reporting.

Neo is dedicated to publishing its report annually, ensuring that stakeholders remain informed and engaged in its ongoing progress towards a sustainable future.