Navigating our sustainability report

Customer Centric Approach

At Neo, our customer-centric philosophy lies at the core of all our endeavors. From research and development to manufacturing and sales, our team is committed to crafting solutions that surpass our customers’ expectations. Recognizing that each customer is unique, with distinct needs and challenges, we collaborate closely with them to devise the most suitable solutions. Our team of materials science, product development, and application experts work cohesively to generate innovative ideas, helping our customers attain cost-effective solutions. We take pride in our ability to execute tasks efficiently and effectively, drawing from the organizational knowledge we have cultivated over the years.

Nimit Sheth, Senior manager of Applications Technology Magnequench: “I’m proud to say that our open and innovative culture empowers us to develop new products or compound compositions that help our customers achieve better performance in their magnets. For example, we developed a magnetic compound that can rotate at very high speeds without requiring any mechanical retention or support, making assembly easy and reducing the cost of production.”

One of the distinguishing factors that sets Neo apart from other companies lies in our ability to collaborate with customers to fully harness the potential of the advanced materials we create. Our commitment to our customers transcends the mere sale of a product. We dedicate ourselves to providing ongoing support, technical solutions, and guidance to our customers, ensuring they consistently derive the best possible performance from our products. It’s not uncommon for Neo’s R&D team to partner with customers interested in enhancing their existing products, crafting customized solutions tailored to their specific needs. This collaborative process entails closely engaging with customers to deeply comprehend their requirements, carrying out extensive sampling and testing, and developing customized products. We hold that such collaboration is vital for fostering enduring relationships with our customers.

In response to our customer demands for sourcing optionality, we are developing relatively cost-competitive localized supply chains in geographic proximity to their facilities.