Our Interaction with the Natural Environment

Neo’s Sustainability Strategy

Neo’s advanced materials products play a vital role in facilitating solutions that support the transition towards a sustainable and carbon-neutral world. As a key enabler of this sustainable shift, we hold ourselves to the highest standards. Within the ESG framework, our environmental impact is a consistent focus in internal discussions and stakeholder engagements.

While we strive to deliver top-quality products and exceptional customer service, we are equally committed to being transparent about our products’ resource intensity. To this end, we collaborate with our Research and Development teams to explore next-generation technologies that prioritize sustainability. At Neo, we have consistently strived to operate our manufacturing facilities with environmental integrity. We aim to surpass local regulatory standards whenever feasible, continually improve our operations’ efficiency, and prioritize the safety of our workforce. Our operations are committed to ongoing improvement in environmental measures such as enhancing water usage efficiency, wastewater treatment, waste reduction, solid waste diversion, minimizing energy usage and emissions, and incorporating low resource-intensive secondary sources of process feed material. Furthermore, our environmental goals align with our economic objectives, allowing us to drive progress in both areas simultaneously.

Neo recognizes that as innovative and sustainable technologies rapidly develop, it is crucial for us, as a manufacturer of the advanced materials enabling these technologies, to maintain our focus on continuous improvement in our operations.

Neo’s Environment & Sustainability Policy

At Neo, we place a high value on protecting the environment and strive to ensure that our production practices are sustainable. We recognize that our operations have an impact on the planet, and we are dedicated to minimizing this impact through responsible and sustainable practices. We promote continuous improvement in these areas through tools and mechanisms outlined by certified management systems such as environmental impact reviews, impact mitigation, annual goals and objectives, management review meetings, incident investigation, and robust compliance audits. Our line of products assists our customers in building innovative solutions that mitigate air pollution, facilitate access to clean and safe drinking water, minimize energy consumption, and reduce environmental footprint. We actively promote recycling and advocate for the creation of circular supply chains to collectively minimize the environmental impact of our industry.

Neo’s Environmental Management System

Our larger facilities are certified with an externally audited ISO-14001 Environmental Management System, which entails environmental impact reviews, impact mitigation, annual goal setting, and management review meetings. At the corporate level, a similar system is implemented, where HESS improvement goals and objectives are established in management review meetings. Site Managers, HESS Managers, the Executive Team, and the Board’s HESS Committee collaborate in the corporate goal-setting process, and progress is tracked quarterly by the Executive Team and the Board. Additionally, HESS goals are integrated into the compensation strategy for Management.

Data Collection Methodology

An external, third-party environmental firm was contracted to collect the environmental data energy, water, GHG, air quality, waste management. This firm assisted in the analysis of the data, supporting our internal efforts to promote reporting consistency between operating sites that is in accordance with the SASB and, as of 2022, GRI standards.