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Local Communities

Dream Center Human Trafficking Victim Support Project

In 2022, recognizing the importance of social responsibility, Neo contributed to a human trafficking victim support project. In collaboration with the Dream Center, we donated $30,000 to help refurbish an apartment designed to provide safe and secure housing for up to two survivors of sex trafficking. Our Denver office played an instrumental role in offering project support and ensuring its successful implementation. This project not only showcases our commitment to making a positive impact on our communities but also aligns with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. We are humbled by the opportunity to be involved in this meaningful endeavor and will continue to seek ways to contribute to the betterment of society and the welfare of those in need.

Neo Performance Materials Local Community Engagement
Ethical Business Practices
Neo Performance Materials Local Community Engagement

Local Community Engagement

At Neo, engagement with local communities is encouraged and celebrated. We strongly believe that establishing a close connection between our organization and the regions where we operate is crucial for achieving long-term success. Neo’s business units engage with its diverse local communities through wide-ranging approaches in varied situations.

Neo’s Corporate and Peterborough business sub-unit teams contributes to flagship events for students and alumni of the University of Toronto’s Department of Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry through sponsorships. They also support capital upgrade fundraising projects, offer industry perspectives on projects related to critical raw materials, and deliver guest lectures. Neo is a member of the University of Toronto’s ILEAD Community of Practice program, where it shares information on engineering leadership skills and provides guidance to students seeking advice on their research or professional development.

Magnequench Korat (MQK), our business sub-unit based in Korat, Thailand, extended support to several local communities. It aided local primary schools in developing and enhancing their electrical infrastructure, supplied decommissioned computers and flagpoles, and donated food and funds for children’s day. MQK also supported flood victims from the Pak Thong Chai district with supplies and donations. Moreover, MQK provided food and water to emergency service personnel and donated funds to communitybased social services and persons with disability club.

Our Business sub-unit based in Sillamäe, Estonia actively supported various local communities. In 2022, Sillamäe supported through various forms of charitable support to the Ida-Viru County Entrepreneurship Centre, “Day of My Dreams“ Charity which enables sick kids to live the day of their dreams, Sillamäe Youth Centre – a Non-profit organization, JazzTime Sillamäe – local Jazz music promoting club, and Sillamäe Sports Club Kalev.

Our NRMO business sub-unit based in Quapaw, Oklahoma supports two local high schools. In 2022 they generously funded meals for the band, football team, and teachers’ association during special occasions. Additionally, NRMO donated a batting cage for the school’s baseball program to promote sports and physical activities, funded senior banners to recognize and celebrate the achievements of students who excel in sports, and provided financial support for the ‘future farmer’s program’ to support education in one of the key industries of the local area.

Our ZAMR business sub-unit based in Zibo, China is dedicated to assisting the rural communities in its vicinity. In 2022, ZAMR contributed 10,000 RMB to the local government for the construction of roads in rural areas, and 4,000 RMB to support the procurement of Covid-19 response supplies. ZAMR aided local farmers by purchasing their produce and distributing it among our employees. ZAMR also contributed to the cleanliness of the surrounding areas by taking part in garbage and street clean-up initiatives.

Our JAMR business sub-unit based in Jiangyin, China made donations exceeding 300,000 RMB and provided 3,000 T-shirts to support local covid-19 response efforts. Additionally, JAMR supplied heatstroke prevention materials to the firefighting unit stationed at the nearby emergency response center. Buss & Buss, our business subunit located in Germany, has made charitable donations to non-profit organizations promoting culture and elder care.

Supporting Employee Wellbeing

Our plant at Jangyin built an on-site employee wellbeing center, which includes a fitness room, chess tables, badminton courts, and a recreational parkete with flora and a pond to support mental and health breaks.

Supporting Employee Wellbeing

Neo’s business units have established strong ties and partnerships with academic institutions in their respective localities. Our corporate office and Peterborough business sub-unit in Canada have partnered with the University of Toronto on leadership and ESG education initiatives. In Estonia, our business sub-unit in Sillamäe has established partnerships with Tallinn University of Technology and the University of Tartu. Our ZAMR business sub-unit in Zibo, China is partnered with Qingdao University of Science and Technology, and our business subunit in Korat, Thailand has formed a partnership with Suranaree University of Technology. Our partnerships with academic institutions allow us to utilize their research capabilities while providing them with our industrial resources and experience. Additionally, we offer internships and co-op opportunities to promising young students, thereby fostering collaboration, and contributing to the growth of the next generation of professionals in our organization and industry.