Navigating our sustainability report

Building Blocks of Sustainable Future

At Neo, we envision a sustainable future characterized by a harmonious balance between environmental conservation, social progress, and economic growth, which enables present and future generations to flourish. To realize this future, we must undertake various measures, including transitioning to renewable energy, optimizing transportation systems, curbing greenhouse gas emissions, enhancing recycling capabilities, diminishing waste generation, and safeguarding freshwater resources.

Advanced materials are indispensable in developing sustainable products and solutions that drive the shift towards a greener future. These materials contribute to lowering the carbon footprint of products and processes, minimizing waste, and achieving unprecedented levels of efficiency. Neo takes pride in being a premier provider of the building blocks for a sustainable future. Our dedication to sustainability and innovation has empowered us to deliver advanced materials that play a vital role in mitigating environmental impacts and fostering a circular economy. We offer essential high-performance materials composed of rare earths and rare metals, which serve versatile functions such as reducing the weight of electric and hybrid vehicles, enabling sophisticated healthcare technologies, mitigating air and water pollution, boosting the efficiency of highperformance aerospace engines, and optimizing the functionality of industrial motors and pumps. Not only do Neo’s advanced materials and products yield a net positive impact that far surpasses our environmental footprint, but we also continuously evaluate and enhance our operational sustainability. Our mission at Neo is to advocate for a more sustainable global future by supplying these crucial building blocks. We acknowledge the importance of our role in shaping a better world and are committed to devising innovative solutions that address the most pressing sustainability challenges faced by our planet.