About us

About us

Neo Performance Materials Inc.

Neo Performance Materials Inc. manufactures the building blocks of many modern technologies that enhance efficiency and sustainability. Our advanced industrial materials – magnetic powders and magnets, specialty chemicals, metals, and alloys – are derived from rare earth and rare metal elements. They are critical to the performance of many everyday and emerging products and technologies, such as hybrid and electric vehicles, pollution control systems, highefficiency appliances and pumps, energyefficient lighting, water purification, and many more.

We are global leaders in many areas of our operations:

• We maintain the leading global market position for rare earth magnetic powders used in bonded and hot-deformed, fully dense Neodymium-Iron-Boron (“NdFeB”) magnets.

• We also produce compression molded NdFeB magnets for a variety of applications.

• We have a top three global market position in environmental emissions control catalyst materials.

• We are a leading global producer of gallium trichloride (“GaCl3”) for energy efficient LED lighting.

• We have pioneered a novel water treatment technology to remove excess phosphorus nutrient pollution from public waters.

• We pursue growth opportunities in end markets such as superalloys for aerospace and other applications, healthcare innovation, and many others.

Our unique technical expertise and strategic geographic presence combine to deliver extraordinary customer service.

We believe in a world that is meaningfully decarbonizing all major industrial and mobility activities while continuing to advance human quality of life, based on a relentless pursuit of responsible supply chains and excellence in material science.

Corporate Organization

Neo operates through three business units:

Magnequench (MQ):

Produces rare-earth permanent magnetic powders used in magnets for electric motors, precision motors,and sensors.

Chemicals & Oxides (C&O):

Manufactures and distributes a range of advanced industrial materials used in environmental emissions catalysts, permanent magnetics,consumer electronics, chemical catalysts, medical devices, and water treatment.

Rare Metals (RM):

Sources, reclaims, produces, refines, and markets specialty metals and their compounds, including those for refractory superalloys in jet engines, medical imaging, wireless technologies, and others.

Proven Commitment to Transparency

Neo is publicly traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol TSX:NEO (or NEO.TO). We greatly value the transparency that is a hallmark of operating as a public company.

Our Corporate Mission

We process and develop advanced materials that are critical in fastforwarding our world’s transition to greener, smarter technologies that help facilitate the global transition to a lower-carbon future.

Our Corporate Vision

We seek to produce advanced materials that meet our customers’ needs and which enable technologies to accelerate the world’s transition to a more decarbonized economy.